Tons of news breaking this week and SiriusXM Progress was there breaking it all down, getting expert opinions and of course taking your calls.  On Tuesday, Sen. Thad Cochran barely held onto his seat, fighting off his Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel. Cochran can thank a huge Democratic African American turnout; we’re sure Thad is a big fan of Mississippi’s open primary system. Major Supreme Court cases came down this week as well, and we’re all awaiting the Hobby Lobby decision expected to come Monday morning – so stay tuned for extensive coverage of that case next week. 

We also saw marriage equality making major strides this week with Federal Courts striking down gay marriage bans in both Indiana and Utah. In other marriage news the new HBO documentary featuring powerhouse legal team of David Boies and Ted Olson made its debut. “The Case Against 8” depicts the historic court battle over California’s marriage ban Proposition 8.

Published alongside the documentary was the book, “Redeeming The Dream: The Case For Marriage Equality.” Co-author Ted Olson spoke with Michelangelo Signorile about the book he co-wrote with David Boies.

Olsen continued telling Signorile about the importance of the Defense of Marriage Act being struck down ias well.

Ted Olson and David Boies, also joined Ari Rabin-Havt on The Agenda to discuss the book.  During the interview Olson compared Ted Cruz’s comments on marriage equality and the courts to those who were against interracial marriage in the 1960s.

The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate prompting Ari Rabin-Havt to call upon the expertise of Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Keith Ellison to discuss the current crisis. While he remains steadfast that military intervention is not the right approach, Congressman Ellison said that “Maliki has got to go” and listed a number of his crimes against the Iraqi people.